In the early 70s a spiritual revival swept America called the Jesus Movement. Young hippies were being saved out of the drug culture by the thousands which dramatically changed the structure of church services and Christian music. “Jesus Music,” as it was known, became the precursor of what we now call Contemporary Christian Music. This new music was simple, raw and spoke of the writer’s personal relationship with Jesus and appealed to others to change their life as well. The pioneers of Jesus Music included Larry Norman, Second Chapter of Acts, Love Song and Nancy Honeytree.

Mickey and Becki Moore were professional street singers in New York's Greenwich Village when they felt called to be a part of this new music ministry (read the longer bio for details). With just a guitar and a testimony they started their own recording company and became very popular artists along the East Coast. After the release of 'Love Song For Number Two,' their fourth album, they were catapulted to the top of the national Christian radio charts and thereafter enjoyed a national platform for their ministry. 'Love Song For Number Two' quickly rose to the number one position on many Christian radio playlists and ultimately topped off at #2 on the national charts. No independent artist had ever achieved such airplay without the backing of a major label.

Mickey and Becki’s ministry was noted for it’s spontaneous and good natured humor, clever and spiritual songs, creative costumes and stage shows. They were popular artists at all the major Jesus Music Festivals and were doubled billed in concerts with many of the top Christian recording artists of the era. Winkey Pratney called them, “God-called originals” and Cornerstone Magazine said, “Mickey and Becki Moore are a jewel in the Christian musical firmament.”

Mickey and Becki recorded their self titled album, “Mickey and Becki Moore.” on their own Maiden Music label which the Benson Company picked up for distribution. Their sixth album was a children’s musical and stage production titled “Tell Me A Story Before I Go to Bed.”

At the beginning of their music career, Mickey and Becki resolved to protect their marriage from the pressures of being professional musicians. In 1988, after six albums, one stage musical, over 50 published songs, three top-30 radio hits, 15 years of touring north America and thousands of salvation decisions, the Moores pulled back from their full-time touring schedule to devote more time to their family.

Michael, as Mickey is known today, returned to his career as a provider of graphic design services to Christian organizations through Mickey Moore Design Associates. He has won numerous international awards for his print and exhibit work. Becki teaches art and 3D design at The Covenant School where she was instrumental in creating their highly diverse art program.

Mickey and Becki continue to minister in music, today, in their church and, when available, in concert.

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